Our Idea

Preventative maintenance is a key element in a reliable and efficient fleet or vehicle. This is why we encourage our customers to organise with us a preventative maintenance scheme or to make regular visits to ensure their vehicles are in the best condition they can be in.

What is a preventative maintenance scheme?

Truck & Bus Co provide personalised preventative maintenance schemes to suit the needs of any individual or company. 

We offer our customers anything from monthly reminders for routine inspections to servicing reminders and even guaranteed bookings that work around you.

You can be reassured that your vehicle will be dependable, reliable, have little down time and most importantly...on the road.

A few cases of when a vehicle breakdown could of been prevented 

Split boost hose due to heat from exhaust manifold.

Transmission clunking when changing through gears due to old oil and dirty filters restricting oil flow.

Transfer case whine at speeds due to damaged gear and shaft assembly from old oil and no maintenance.